Doran Beach

This weekend, we drove up to Doran Beach, at Bodega Bay on the Sonoma County

Doran Beach Regional Park, Bodega Bay CA

coast.  The campground is on a narrow spit of land which separates the Bodega harbor from the bay itself.  Zoom into this picture, you may see our Silver Bullet to the right, and in front of the clump of trees.

After backing into our site, I noticed that the rig right next door was a beautiful 1973 Airstream 250 motor home.  Wine-colored stripes contrasted it’s riveted aluminum exterior.  The owner said that only 25 of them were made that year.

We happened upon fabulous weather-  crystal clear and warm the whole weekend, at a place where fog and wind are quite common.  So common, in fact, that you can hear fog horns blowing 24 hours a day, regardless whether there’s fog or not.  The horns are not excessively loud, and at times you can hear several of them, different tones and periods, sounding kind of like an avant-garde coke bottle band.  Mix in the chorus of sea lions, packed onto a small island just outside the mouth of the harbor, and the calls of myriad sea birds – pigeons, white pelicans, and the place has a pretty interesting sound.

On an early morning walk, I found a couple pulling in a couple of crab pots that they left

Bodega Head

out in the water overnight.  Of the 18 or so that they caught, at least 15 were keepers, so we know what their dinner will be tonight.  Later, our good friend Colleen joined us for a hike on Bodega Head, followed by a great lunch of fresh crab cakes and clam chowder.



The harbor was packed with rows and rows of crab pots, all prepped with lines and floats, ready for the start of the Dungeness crab season on November 1.

A popular activity is kayaking in the harbor and bay.  Lots of campers brought them, and as we’ve had great times kayaking in Hawaii, we’re tempted to get one (or two) too.

Ready for crab season

There’s lots of places to make good use of it along the California coast, and in the Bay Area.

Anyway, Doran Beach is a place that we look forward to returning to.




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5 Responses to Doran Beach

  1. Laura Domela says:

    Hi Steve! I bookmarked this entry a while back (so I’d remember I wanted to go here) and just now booked 5 nights here at the end of May. Woohoo! 🙂 Thanks for the tip.

  2. steve says:

    Excellent ! Enjoy! Memorial Day weekend we’ll be at Seacliff so we’ll at least be looking at the same ocean…

  3. Laura Domela says:

    We’ll be down in that area for a couple weeks…maybe we can meet. Will let you know our plans as they unfold. Meeting some friends around Petaluma over Memorial Day weekend, then Doran til around the 2nd, then SF for some work stuff (Candlestick RV Park/ing Lot). 🙂 That’s what I know at this point.

  4. Sasha says:

    Do you recall which site/lot you were on here in Bodega? Thanks!

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